Kpop Fans Are Toxic Reddit

By | September 12, 2021

Kpop idols are known to limit their intake and follow strict diet plans especially before an appearance. Other categories of fans DO have a reputation for being toxic and its so funny to me that youd say the opposite in a post about sports fans lmao.

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SM should promote Taeyeons non-album singles more Four Seasons Blue Weekend.

Kpop fans are toxic reddit. Its become so pervasive in our always-connected world. As the Black Lives Matter movement took over the national conversation K-pop fans have regularly been credited with large-scale protest actions. Sunmi is on track to become the next Hyuna when it comes to talent concept etc.

589 likes 4 talking about this. The comparison to kpop fandoms seems so weird and unneccessary and im sorry but this post very much sounds like youre just. Just about a week after overwhelming a Dallas police snitch app with memes and fancams K-pop fans are now flooding QAnon hashtags with fancams.

Only God knows why Gfriend was disbanded after they finally started hitting their stride internationally. Apparently according to reddit quora and much more. Kpop fans seem to forget BTS actually saw those plagiarism hashtags that were trended against them.

People that will not hesitate to kill you if you insult their bias. Ok this isnt the same for all fans but for me yes a lot of it is. THIS IS MY EXPERIENCE I BY.

Black K-pop fans continue to face racism online. Thread starter kay-Start date Apr 4 2020. Are kpop fans real people.

The latest tweets from toxickpoptweets. Anghus Houvouras on toxic fans and the media One of the things that keeps the fires burning in my brain is the concept of toxic fandom. I dont do that most of the time but for the mamamoo band they have sang about things like breaking up domestic abuse and people being pretentious on social media pretty good stuff.

The official Facebook page of EMediaArts KPOP. Armys-Toxic 12 year old girls Blinks-Toxic 12 year old girls Onces-Toxic 12 year old girls and NCTzens are girls who joke about NCT too. I dont see how much more toxic BTS fans are in comparison to others idols.

Ive seen kpop stans telling kpop idols that they should learn English so they dont have to deal with gross korean fans Ive seen kpop stans saying that Jennie should leave her home county and live in paris cause Korea is so bad. If youre really interested in what the song is all about you can look at the translation on YouTube. And thats a GOOD thing.

SM hopping on the vinyl trend is probably the smartest thing theyve ever done. K-pop stans are legion and cannot be stopped. Reddit is the place where people come together to have the most authentic and interesting conversations on the internetWhere gaming communities nostalgic internet forums bloggers meme-makers and fandoms mingle alongside video streamers support groups news junkies armchair experts seasoned professionals and artists and creators of all types.

Literally everybody knows that they can be violent and nasty it has been proven time and time again. Always ON Always K. Powered by Fans Reddit.

And can we just talk about lack of differences between generalizations of fandoms. Some even take extreme diet plans that it seems almost impossible to accomplish. My mental health definitely deteriorated after getting deep into the fandom but if you are planning to join here are some things you should avoid.

Ive even seen a kpop stan say Korea is the worst country to exist.

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