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By | Juni 17, 2021
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K-pop fans and Gen Z-ers had executed a social media putsch to drive down attendance. What separates domestic Kpop fans from international Kpop fans.

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Fans are able to express whatever thoughts they have towards K-pop because it will all be posted anonymously.

Kpop fans opinion. Stop babying idols 247365. We dont always get what we want sometimes you get what you didnt expect you needed. Fans have a one sided view that only kpop groups went through shit and are the best based purely on opinions rather than facts.

Ok Log in or sign up. Welcome to runpopularkpopopinions the subreddit for sharing your unpopular opinions about Kpop. No Hating on Idols Groups or Fandoms.

Read Opinion 92. I genuinely find 80 of kpop fans annoying despite me being one. The Kpop Reporter TKR is the premier destination and most-widely trusted resource for breaking Kpop news gossip music movie and tv reviews movie trailers tv clips and analysis.

Must Be an Unpopular Opinion. Excluding the first generation who were active before Twitter launched K-pop stars averaged 12 tweets per day for second-generation stars 35 tweets per day for third-generation stars and 7 tweets per day for fourth-generation stars. Interviews With Koreans on Thoughts on Obsessed Kpop Fans.

My Kpop Opinions. Bu kitapda kpop ile alakalı KENDİ görüşlerimi yazacağım Eğer desteklemiyor iseniz katılmıyorum yazın Eğer yanlış bir bilgi yazarsam lütfen düzeltin Ve cringe. Kpop Opinions 2021 Trigger Warning TigerBun Bunger.

This is going to be fun Your idols are not babies. 188 views View upvotes Submission accepted by. Hello Welcome to this quiz.

Judging you right now. Akgae rivalries in my opinion are often even more hurtful because in a way youre being backstabbed by your supposed group fans. The majority of Kpop fans are leading Kpop into ruin with these competitive delusional ways and worst-case-scenario.

His unconventional lifestyle has led to malicious rumors being spread about him as well as being sent hate messages. I think Kpop opinions that fans need to start accepting are that some day their bias will fall in love. U cant measure how good a group is.

A lot of you treat idols like they arent grown-ass adults. So many of them are sensitive crybabies hypocrites or rude and defensive. There is no such thing as KPop allies.

The average idol blows the average kpop stan out the water when it comes to visuals so i have no idea why kpop stans feel they have room to speak on visuals. Updated 537 PM ET Mon June 22. Loyalty scandals beauty standards access to merchandiseWhat do you think are the differ.

BTSs hyung line are neglected by fans from the story Unpopular kpop opinions by StraySquirrel_ with 315 reads. Please dont attack me in comments because I only speak for myself. As Kpop continues to flourish in the international market these underlying issues deserve to be put under the spotlight and scrutiny.

In terms of Twitter usage there is a clear difference between the way that each generation used Twitter especially in the following areas. This survey is split into portions of opinions within an overall opinion. Opinion by Euny Hong.

I keep seeing idols getting canceled left and right for talking openly about one or two sexual topics. Those who write and read lewd fanfiction of their idols are also gross to me. Created Mar 13 2018.

Oli who has undergone over 150000 worth of surgeries in six years often receives criticism from both K-Pop fans and non-K-Pop fans alike over his obsession with BTSs JiminOli is such a fan that he even married a cardboard cutout of Jimin in Las Vegas. Im just going to say like agree disagree or not sure for answers. Canon G7x mark II httpamznto2gGekgISnapchat.

Hardcore shippers – same category. This blog is made for the K-pop fans out there who were unable to speak because they dont share the same opinions as others.

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