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Now the Kpop fans who are korean or live in Korea are different. Because most of kpop fans are tweens and teens.

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People that will not hesitate to kill you if you insult their bias.

Kpop fans why. That is their home so they are a lot more connected to their music. When fans try really hard to get a glimpse of BamBam the singer confessed that he still doesnt have courage to look directly into the eyes of one girls. Its maybe their way of coping with death but its so disrespectful I personally dont get it.

When a major singer in a really popular group died thats the only posts I saw jokes. We are people with lives of a normal teenager we go to school we hang out with our friends and we keep our conversations going NOT by talking about Korean Pop. Fans love to spread negativity.

Many times as an adult kpop fan youll realize that most fans are just little girls blinded by the image that idols portray. Completely agree as a kpop fan this behavior is absolutely disgusting. It gets the fans involved and each Kpop group has their own light stick.

It doesnt matter if that is a boygroup or girlgroup many fans like to ship their beloved idols with each other nowadays. There are different levels for being a KPOP fan and recently a lot of fans have reached the level of cyber bullying which is unacceptable. Just how here in America certain fans are really crazy over pop music its our music so we are more connected.

It gets the clicks and replies and 2. Dear lord youre giving us kpop. However they are quite pricey most fans believe they are worth the purchase.

That girl is KPop idol Sunmi. As K-pop becomes a more and more worldwide phenomenon so has its f. Kpop idols like.

We are not obsessive people. From eclectic and subtle movements to highly complicated ones utilizing up to as many as ten group members at once its no wonder why Kpops dancing has become that wow factor that fans. People just love to see drama and hate.

Kpop is their life their fantasy their escape from reality. Kpop Fan Fun Fact 2 These light sticks are used at Kpop concerts to be held by the audience while they do their fan chants. Theres no doubt that K-pop has played a large role on the worlds stage in recent years.

Fashion makeup and hair design are part of it. Kpop fans are not necessarily delusional people. Other K-Pop fans have risen up to clarify that the majority of the fandoms do not agree with the disrespectful Tweets.

To Kpop fans shipping a member with another member within a group is very popular and seems to be a mental dish that they cant live without. While money makes the K-pop world go round fans like Jac Dean and Lorraine are careful to talk about their expensive hobby. I think its in everyones nature to focus on the negatives.

Answered 6 months ago Author has 63 answers and 658K answer views. K-Pop music videos receive a lot of investment not all of them and are filmed like movies making it also one reason for its success. But I mean there are crazy fans for multiple genres of music.

Their biases are their boyfriends and husbands in their heads so while they are giving support attention and sales they expect in return their biases to keep the fantasy alive. From what I notice most kpop fans are kind of loners with no life. While for some fans the handsomeness and beauty of idols is important for another part it is more their charisma and special stage presence that is appreciated.

They want others to know that K-Pop fans send their condolences and best wishes for Cupcakkes safety. I mean some people might say that its sad but this is just our reality not even just in Kpop. They have no real.

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