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By | Maret 4, 2022

Kpop Lipsync Reddit. It’s still not the same as when a lot of western artists perform live in morning and late night shows when they’e promoting their music before/during touring, but it’s a common thing in kpop to lipsync a bit because of the tiring promotion cycle, singing nearly. Taeyeon can lip sync a 100 times this year and we'd still have proof she can and has sung at an amazing level in the past but there's whole groups ( won't name them) that refuse to sing live or sound like average untrained people when they sing live, even outside music shows where they are not being forced to lipsync

I Really Thought Iu Lipsyncs : R/Kpopthoughts
I Really Thought Iu Lipsyncs : R/Kpopthoughts from

A lot of kpop artists use loud backing tracks, they usually don't lipsync (sometimes you can tell when they belt notes, ad lib, rap loud, or sing slightly off key). Ning ning can belt high notes even if her lips and mouth are not opened nor moving because she is so talented and has perfected singing. Ive, aespa, and more) hachi1207 january 24, 2022.

They Didn't Even Try To Hide It.

In the recent rumors about mbc completely banning lip syncing from all stages on music core, kpop fans have been abuzz about what this means for their favorite (and least favorite) artists. Blinks like to act like lisa is naturally skinny too, but i dont think that's the case even though she looks like she's gained more weight compared to debut. Idols should really stop wearing microphones if they don’t want to.

Ning Ning Can Belt High Notes Even If Her Lips And Mouth Are Not Opened Nor Moving Because She Is So Talented And Has Perfected Singing.

I wish idols would stop wearing microphones if they want to lip sync. I’ve been to black pinks, superm, exo’s and twice concerts. They still tried to sing live but now it’s almost like they lip sync the entire concert.

I Remember Years Ago The Lip Syncing Wasn’t That Bad.

How do you know if they are talented when they almost never sing without background support or lipsync? For some context, i just watched red velvet’s feel my rhythm performance video which inspired me to write this post here. It's really easy to tell when idols don't sing live, because most of the time when they don't sing live they dance.

Recently, Knet Discussed Kpop Idols Without Lipsyncing.

This is the first time blackpink has decided to lipsync all promotions for a song (lovesick girls and pretty savage). Someone posted up this link earlier in this thread but dispatch took her to get her stuff appraised and out of like 500 things she brought in, like 20 were fakes and dispatch even went through some of the items and explained why people thought they were fake when they actually were real items. Mamamoo is pretty good at not lipsyncing and letting the vocals do the work, but kpop is a pop industry, and the idea of a perfect pop group is more important that showcasing.

Why Do We Hate It?

And though these predictions turned out to be false, it made me think a little harder about the age old issue of lip. Lipsync, which is a very sensitive topic in the kpop industry for all times, continues to be the topic discussed by netizens. Please scroll and ignore this post if you’re tired of this topic.

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