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This is exactly why I dont touch Twitter with a 9 foot pole. Before you get triggered im speaking as a former kpop stan and yes not all are cringe.

How Dare They They Should Stan Loona Funny Kpop Memes Kpop Memes Kdrama Memes

Etc Rant about Kpop its creepy fandoms its fucked up industry.

Kpop stan twitter cringe. Braindead kpop stan in twitter as usual. The term Stan is used to describe a fan who goes to great lengths to obsess over a celebrity. Talk your liking or disliking of certain groups and idols.

Although most of them are fans of K-dramas but there is no shortage of Koreaboo Kpop stans on twitter. Jan 5 2020 – Her söylediğim söz cringe blinkler içindir. Youre not cringe your behavior is cringe.

Joined 11 September 2018 Messages 23468 Reactions Received 67209 Points 7654 Fandom Vikki stan Gender Female Ship. Intention was not Many idols would have severe issues if they seen atleast one of those videos. This shit dont promote at all.

This statement alone is as problematic and cringe as the tik tok videos you have shared. Jan 5 2020 – Her söylediğim söz cringe blinkler içindir. Ah stan Twitter.

Post general kpop news and hot topics. Koreaboos are an altogether different branch of obsessive Kpop stans. Whats the scandal of the moment.

Blackpink Memes Funny Kpop Memes Stupid Memes Best Memes Meme Faces Funny Faces K Pop Kpop Girl Groups Kpop Girls. If you are wondering what a Koreaboo is it is a non-Korean person who is so obsessed with Korean culture that they renounce their own culture. The meaning stan was recognized after Eminems song.

I thought it was the genre itself but no its the fans. Cringe Blink Stan. Oh lord Ill divide different cringe actions into different fans so itll be easier for my answer to be formatted.

Where would K-pop. Who is being cancelled by netizenstwitter. Stan twitter is a mess.

A crazed and or obsessed fan. Mild cringe 0000 – 0548 Hardcore cringe 0548 – 1428Stan twitter rant 1428 – 1809Funny stan tweets 1809 – 2000MY LINK. Omfg these Once make me cringe and give me second hand embarrassment.

This KpopisCringe is a mess because kpop is not more cringier than any other music but sure are their fans on tweeter at least. It basically means being an obsessive fan over a particular celebrity. When will kpop stan learn to stop being a fancam spamming obsessive stalkers on tweets not related to kpop and being disrespectfull.

Using twitter is cringe. Maybe the wording was a bit wrong. Thank you for watching.

If you stan ariana grande you need therapybecome a member. This thread serves as kpopgeneral too so fangirling talking positively about your faves is allowed. When the person you love most makes you cringe.

Twitter is cringe kpop fans are cringe cringe cringe cringe math checks out. Even 4chan is better news source then Twitter. Reverse kpop industry au where idols get mad at their fans for dating someone while stanning them.

The latest tweets from CringenStan. We support other groups including both Oh my Girl and. I hope people dont think the majority of us Once think this because we do NOT.

This answer isnt directed to any fandom in specific but. Its great if you post about your idols on tweets about them but derailing a thread that has absolutely nothing to do with your oppa is annoying. Kpop-stan culture and Koreaboos.

The term comes from the song Stan by eminem. But seriously i never understood why people rolled their eyes whenever i said i liked kpop. 264788 263641 my 64 year old listens to hwasa bc she thinks she has a nice voice which i think is a little sweet but the fact that these hags have stan accounts makes me lose faith in humanity Anonymous 07122021 Mon 072156 No.

In your opinion what are some of the cringiest things Kpop stans do. Being on stan twitter is ten times more fun when you dont give a fuck about charts sales awards and wins and just enjoy the music 0741 PM – 22 Feb 2018 Reply Retweet Favorite.

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