What Is A Kpop Stan Called

By | Juli 20, 2021

Since I joined this forum and other social medias related to kpop I have seen and being called a success stan because BTS is successful a mindless horny girl-stan because BTS are hot men and I am a woman a token stan for even talking positively about a gg by other gg stans. I mean what space do you think is the most kpop stan friendly.

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The healthy way to deal with such a behaviour is to remove any contact with such people.

What is a kpop stan called. BLOCK AND MOVE ON. I was on allkpop still am under an alt but the admin banned my old account because I called him a piss baby and some friends changed our Dps to his pic if anyone knows the admin Johnny you would know why we did it lmaooo. But I just think that no one talks about the shady stuff Kpop Quora has done.

Some K-Pop stans are also known to use the N-word. I will also be saying my analysis as in why Kpop Quora has not been talked about enough about the opinions they have. Even nugu gg stans participated in vilifying them and thats called proximity envy because Momoland were women who suddenly experienced a breakthrough that most nugu gg stans dreamt of they suddenly became victims of their own success due to envy.

Lovelyz they named the girls Lovelyz because they are lovely. He just needed time to grow up. The blocking option is meant to protect yourself.

Every Monsta X stan and Monbebe fan club must recognize the band from the hit TV show NoMercy where they met. Jonghosapple KaatKate rinnah and 2 others. Tbh I think Stan Twitter is infact worse.

KEEMSTAR is being criticized for mocking the death of. But I always had his little brother in the back of my mind. The latest tweets from toxickpoptweets.

After releasing their first album Trespass the KPop band gradually expanded to the international stage by claiming the top spot in Billboards World Albums with the full-length album The Clan. Analyzing Stan in The Guardian writer and literary critic Giles Foden compared Eminem to Robert Browning. MaskOT- Mask Of Thetis.

He actually died on that record. One prime example is when YouTube personality and former Twitch streamer Twomad posted a BTS meme on Twitter which led to multiple K-Pop stans harassing him and calling him the N-word. But I just think that no one talks about the shady stuff Kpop Quora has done.

People say Im an Eminem Stan or I Stan for Katy Perry Wow thats crazy. Momoland werent allowed to sit on the table. Its a little scary because Stan is insane.

Therefore if you see those said Toxic Kpop stans there is no need to reveal the whereabouts of the concerned people in a public forum like Quora as a revenge. The origin of the word originated from the song Stan by Eminem you know the song about an overly obsessive stan named stan of Eminem now all stans arent like that of course you have your normal stan whos just a big fan of a group and then you have your obsessive but in kpop terms we call them sasaengs and in American terms we call them stalkers. They stan one or more K-pop idols sometimes known as their bias and use the associated language of stan culture to communicate with other fans.

KPop fans are slamming YouTuber KEEMSTAR who was featured in a diss track about Kpop stars. If you look through Kpop Quora you will most. Click here to view the Tweet Click here to view the Tweet ppl claim kpop Stan try to ruin their childhood.

MAIN Music Aspire Impressive Narrative. The shady opinions and the hatred towards bigger groups. Mamamoo It signifies the sound that babies make.

Before I say anything I want to say that in this post I will not be comparing Stan Twitter or Kpop Quora. Click here to view the Tweet. Envy of their breakout success.

Tbh I think Stan Twitter is infact worse. This thread was somehow confusing to read because a the person the tweet is about is actually part of a kpop group called NCT Dream and their fans can be called dream stans and b Im out of the loop because I just found out who Dream is three seconds ago lol ig I dont really keep up on mcyt. So it means that we want to approach our listeners organically and instinctively with our music MASC short for MASCuline.

As an in-group term stan twitter is neutral but to an outsider called locals by stan twitter the term is often said in a derogatory or negative light. You know Stan has long since entered the lexicon. The only gg I stan at the moment is Everglow and my bias is Mia Theyre having a comeback today so if you were interested in checking them out now would be the perfect time.

The rise of some Kpop groups like TVXQ Bigbang Wonder Girls 2ne1 Super Junior Girls Generation SHINee Epik High TARA KARA After School 4minute Brown Eyed. Kpop Quora needs to be called out just as much as Stan Twitter. In conclusion this is what K-Pop stans are.

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