Which Kpop Idol Do I Look Like

By | Maret 22, 2022

Which Kpop Idol Do I Look Like. Let us know in the comments! Come up with a concept.

Which K-Pop Star Do You Look Like?!
Which K-Pop Star Do You Look Like?! from en.vonvon.me

Sorry if you voted misheard lyrics, i wanted to switch it up xdd. In this article, we will share to you the most similar and look so alike kpop idols that they might be believed as siblings. Ever wonder what kpop idol you are?

Youre Irene From Red Velvet.

How is your idol career going to turn out? Here are your answers to a huge question. Come up with a concept.

Kpop Idol Airport Fashion Usually Revolves Around Comfortable And Chic Kpop Clothing.

Ik this because i’m half korean. Even when i look at myself in the mirror i wonder if i'm pinky of ioi or miss buddy. So tbh there standards are incredibly high.

Which Kpop Female Idol Do You Look Like.

Let your male siblings try this quiz to see what they get. While theres also other idols that look very beautiful in this generation too (twice tzuyu ,blackpink jisoo,kard somin etc) , irene have been well known in korea for her beauty ( maybe not 100% natural but she looked almost the same when she was in high school or predebut time). Have you ever looked at your favorite idol and just wondered to be like them exactly the same?

Bts And Blackpink Are Two Of The Most Famous Korean Band.

Do any of you look like a kpop idol, either in body or face? Do you exude big baekhyun/tzuyu energy? Once i got mistaken as pinky and a fan came up to me asking for an autograph and i signed it for him.

In Most Of The Variety Shows Red Velvet Was In , You Will See That.

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